Terms of use

Terms of use

The content of the pages on the website "www.maxxcom.it" is property of "Maxxcom S.a.s." which has its registered office in Via Vigo No. 6 – zip code 93015 Niscemi-based (CL) Italy.

Therefore, all materials published or anyway present on the website – such as the trademarks, the logos, the statements, the articles and the documents there generally reproduced, as well as the software package and the codes - are full properties of "Maxxcom S.a.s." or of respective rightholders and they are protected by the Laws and International treaties about the Copyright, besides other laws and treaties concerning with intellectual property.

Without having the written consent of the owner, the above mentioned material cannot be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used on other websites, modified, transferred, distributed or communicated to third parties if not for an exclusive personal use still remaining anyway fobidden any commercial use.

In particular, the denomination "maxxcom" and any other denomination including the word "maxxcom" cannot be used as an address (or part of addresses) of websites without "Maxxcom S.a.s.' ” prior written consent. Other products and product marks quoted in the website may be registered trademarks of their owners. The images of this website are beeing supplied to the only purpose of being viewed and cannot be saved or downloaded in any format. Even adopting the highest care in the site's management and by considering its content as reliable, the information present in this website may contain technical mistakes or typografical errors, therefore, "maxxcom" does not take any responsibility regarding the correctness, the completeness and the actuality of the data and of the information contained on the website or on the websites connected to this one and neither takes any commitment to the updating of those data and information.

"maxxcom" has the faculty to modify at any time and at its own discretion the content and the operative and functional modalities of the website, without any advanced notice.

"maxxcom" is in no way responsible for the websites to which it is possible to access through this website. When accessing a website, it is important to remind that it is independent from "maxxcom" and that the last one has no control on the content of the website in question. Furthermore, the existence of a hypertextual link to a non "maxxcom" website, does not involve the approval or the acceptance of responsibility by "maxxcom" about the content or the use of the website. It is your responsibility to take any necessary precaution to ensure anything you decide to draw and use to be free from any element of destructive nature, such as viruses and other higly dangerous material.

Any material sent to “maxxcom” will be considered confidential. “maxxcom” will have no kind of obligation regarding the material and it will be allowed to use, reproduce, show, perform, modify, transmit and distribute that material without any limit. The forwarding will be considered as a consent to the free use by “maxxcom” of any idea, concept, know-how or tecnique sent to us for any purpose. Your name will not be proclaimed and nothing will be advertised to the fact that you authorized the use of materials or other information, unless:

  • the authorization to use your name has expressly been requested;
  • it previously had been communicated that the material or the information sent by you to a specific section of this website, would have been published or used in another way under your name;
  • it should expressly be required by the law.

Anyone who will send material guarantees that the same can be publicated and it accepts to keep “maxxcom” safe from any action made by third parties in relation to that material.

The information published on internet by “maxxcom” may contain direct or indirect references to products, programs and services which are not yet commercialized, or which are not available in the user's country. These references do not imply that necessarily “maxxcom” has the intention to commercialize those products, programs or services.

“maxxcom” has not to be taken as responsible for any direct or indirect, partial or total damage connected with the use of this website or of other websites connected with a hypertextual link, there included as an illustrative, yet incomplete example, are the damages such as the loss of gains or sales proceeds, the interruption of business or professional activities, the loss of programs or of other types of data situated on your informatics or other systems, even if “maxxcom” had previously been expressly informed about the possibility of those damages.

The court of Caltagirone shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any controversy relating to the use of this website or connected with the terms and conditions above mentioned.