TopwareAir Suite 2

Specific for airlines.


Specific for airlines.

TopREVENUE is the perfect module to facilitate the management and implementation of every airline’s commercial plan.

The system offers a complete program for management, forecasting and control of each service and product which is marketed by the airline.

Accurate and up to date reports and statistics are readily available at your fingertips to make sure that you are able to respond rapidly and effectively to revenue opportunities as they become available, in today’s ever changing business environment. Data is available for each flight, for each route, for each sales channel and for each date with the main objective being to increase business efficiency, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage, thereby ensuring the airlines revenue stream well into the future.

TopREVENUE facilitates the recovery of all flight data and analyses the sales made in different years, periods, months, and seasons. By comparing the data the software facilitates the best commercial choice for theairline, leading to an improvement in the airlinesbusiness and a reduction incosts. Through a full control on all sales the program gives additional power and insight to allow the most appropriate customization ofnew fares and new services for each sales channel. The system permits forecasting of profits using a comparative method basedon past sales in the same period in order to improve the effectiveness of the airlinesfinancial and commercialplanning. Furthermore it is possible to check and evaluate a single sales market: by single region, by travel agent, by call centre, by web site and by other applicable criteria.

TopREVENUE also includes as one of its features a strong scanning system, which is able to verify the fares of competitors for the same route and for the same season or period, allowing you to establish the best fare automatically, thereby ensuring maximization of revenue.

Finally all reports and statistics displayed in the revenue system are correlated with specific graphs and schemes, permitting fast and intuitive visualization of all financial data used in the analysis process.

Main TopREVENUE Functions:

  • Recovery of all sales data
  • Load factor
  • Yield
  • Revenue by flight, by national or international route, by segment, by tickets
  • Recovery of sales for each user and operator (Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Call Center, web site, etc)
  • Comparative analysis for all scheduled and charter flights: by year, by day, by season
  • Recovery of the financial data for single sales market
  • Recovery of the competitor fares, ensuring the best fares for the same route and periods
  • Support and optimization of financial plans
  • Revenue recovery on ancillary services and products
  • Average ticket price recovery for each passenger
  • Support of marketing strategic decision making with data based on the real time revenue
  • Forecast future sales analysing historical sales data for the same period, season and market
  • Check and control of the best sales channels and operators
  • Management and control of the revenue for advanced purchases
  • Export and printing of all graphics and schedules displayed

TopREVENUE is the key and essential tool to increase revenue for your flights and operations and save management costs. A perfect solution for everyone, low cost airlines, start-up airlines and traditional carriers included.

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