TopwareAir Suite 2

Secure on line e-commerce.


Secure on line e-commerce.

Topware processes all payments through the Teknopay Multi Acquirer payment gateway, a secure payment system supplied by the specialist financial company Teknofin, part of the Maxxcom group of companies. Teknopay may be used for all e-commerce and MOTO sales (Mail orders and Telephone orders). The Teknopay payment gateway procedure is easy and simple to use.

Teknopay facilitates the acceptance of payments for the delivery of goods and/or services to the public through debit and credit cards as it is credited by International circuits: VISA, MasterCard, Diners, JCB and American Express. The security of the online communication is ensured through the use of the SSL 3.0 protocol with 128 bit coding, which is considered “strong encryption”. Through the “Verified by Visa” and “Master Card Secure Code” certifications, Teknopay has become an even more secure payment gateway.

TopE-Payment functions:

Control and Security System:
  • MPI Merchant Plug-In 3 D Secure certification (Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code)
  • Card security codes: CVC, CVV2 4DB (Amex)
  • Recovery and control of the IP address from which the transaction was generated
  • Recovery and control of the buyer’s nationality
  • Recovery and control of the nation in which the credit card was issued
  • Recovery and control of the frequency of purchases made with the same credit card
  • Recovery and control of the holder’s and of the passengers’ data
  • Recovery and control of the credit card’s data in order to prevent fraudulent transactions
Recovery of credit card transactions list:
  • By authorization number
  • By numeric identification of the transaction
  • By credit card number
  • By credit card holder name
  • By transaction result
  • By transacted amount
  • By PNR
  • By temporal period
  • By purchaser
  • Blocking/unblocking of the credit cards inhibited by the system
  • Automatic blocking/unblocking of multiple non authorized transactions

Multi-acquirer and multi-bank features

Real time verification of the credit cards

Automated debits/charge offs on transactions made by credit card

real time control and full management