TopwareAir Suite 2

Ancillary sales.


Ancillary sales.

TopPACKAGING is part of the TopwareAir Suite, a module developed to integrate sales of ancillary services and products directly into the online flight reservation process, allowing passengers to complete a consolidated purchase with one unique transaction.

TopPACKAGING is integrated with the TopwareAIR CRS inventory for automatic recovery of flight availability. TopPACKAGING is a complete solution which creates new revenue opportunities for the carrier and creates a customized travel experience for the passenger. Business travellers will especially appreciate the convenience of being able to book all their travel needs with a single transaction.

The booking engine allows customers to book theirflight and any other types of services or products linked to the tourism sector, at the same time and with one transaction. The module facilitates booking any combination of the following itemswhich the carrier may choose to include on their website: flights, hotels, cars, insurance, SMS notifications, etc. using shopping c

FULL control is given to customers to create their own customized travel experience with each package purchased.

Main TopPACKAGING functions

Management of different types of combined sales: flight, hotel, car, insurance, SMS etc.
Management of the inventory for each product
Management of the cost of each product and service
Real time re-pricing system depending on the services chosen

View of all details of the trip: flight, hotel and car
Display on the same page all details of the chosen trip, containing following information:
- total amount for flight and departure date, hotel with a short description and a link to receive more information, car rental agency data and the pick-up and drop-off dates, total amount for insurance costs and so on, depending on the services and products selected

Manual and/or real time management, option to add or edit hotel information and current status of the hotels availability dates.
Manual and/or real time management, option to add or edit car information and current status of the rental cars availability dates..
Insertion of new hotels, cancellation or modification of the availability dates, hotel picture loading, maps, prices and offers, locations etc.
Insertion of new car rental agency, cancellation or modification of the availability dates, car picture loading, prices and offers, available vehicle pick up points etc.

Management and input of customizable commissions depending on the sales channels and their revenue (B2B-B2C)
Management and revenue of all type of sales B2B and B2C (by private users, by travel agents, call centre, channel partner and tour operators)
Display of reports and statistics of all vendors with possibility to export and print the revenue file
Management of customizable dynamic packaging
E-commerce integrated with dynamic packaging


Multiple payment forms for private users, partners and travel agents (book now and pay later, cash, credit card, bank transfer). Multi-currency system

Connectivity packaging

Maxxcom’s XML web service uses the latest and most innovative technology to connect with third party systems to facilitate sales of ancillary products such as: SMS to send sales notifications, Hotel, Travel Insurance, car rental, transfer and other services which are connected to the tourism sector.

TopPackaging is the perfect solution to increase your airline’s revenue and offer a complete service to your travellers and your agents.

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