TopwareAir Suite 2

Another way to travel.


Another way to travel.

TopLOYALTY is a module developed specifically for carriers who plan their marketing strategy with the goal of improving their on line business through fidelity programs which are aimed at all their prospective travellers. This additional module, part of TopwareAir Suite, is perfect to increase passenger loyalty levels, thereby locking in business and creating the closest relationship possible between the airline and their customer.

The software suite includes three single programs: Carnet, Discount and Frequent Flyer, each of these programs can be enabled individually or they may be used all together, depending on the airlines’ marketing strategy. The system is highly customizable, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability the different marketing objectives and challenges faced by every airline can be taken care of immediately.

Nowadays it is very important for airlines to offer additional services and products to travellers in order to turn a simple journey into a pleasant experience. People will always travel; therefore it is important to make sure they always travel with your airline: TopLOYALTY makes it possible.

Main Carnet functions:

Management of:
  • Customized purchase of a ticket book for business and leisure use
  • Setting and Customization of several ticket book types
  • Online sale and management of all ticket book options
  • Bookings allowed on the entire seat availability
  • Real time recovery of all the passenger data during the reservation process
  • Real time recovery of all bookings made
  • Real time recovery of all bookings still available

The carnet program offers your passengers the absolute certainty of a flight without time limits thanks to pre-purchase of a flights package on a specified route that can be used any time.

Main Discount functions:

Management of:
  • Customized Purchase with Discount code
  • Management of different discount codes for each flight and for a single route
  • Discount code management for:
    • number of codes to be generated
    • expiry date
    • employment period
    • employment flights and flight dates
    • employment routes
  • Recovery of the data concerning the discounts used for each flight/route
  • Fully customizable discounts according to the carrier needs
  • Management of seasonal discount programs (insertion of start off date and time limit)

Main Frequent flyer functions:

Management of:
  • Insertion , modification and cancellation of registered passengers
  • Real time recovery of all passengers data by accessing their reserved area on the carrier’s website
  • Real time recovery of credit card information avoiding to re-entry of the data
  • Real time recovery of all the bookings made
  • Real time recovery of all points accrued for each frequent flyer
  • Matching of additional services or products for each reservation made with frequent flyer program such as free flights, gadgets, discounts to be used in partner shops etc.
  • Customizable frequent flyer program

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