TopwareAir Suite 2

New security rules


Management of the personal data for passengers flying to USA and UK APIS , ESTA & UK borders cerfications

TopwareAir Suite, operates according to the new anti-terrorism regulations and to the visa regulations for the United States and United Kingdom. The system has been certificated respectively by the U.S. CBP (Customs and Border Protection) and by the UK Border Agency. Pre –Departure Passenger Lists are generated in order to control all people travelling to the country as well as passengers who may be in transit.

The United States’ control systems are named APIS, Pre-Departure messaging system and ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation), the former has already become mandatory for incoming flights to the USA and is ruled by the Pre-Departure Final Rule in force since August 23rd 2007, while ESTA has been in use since January 20th 2010.

Maxxcom released APIS messaging functionalities as a module within TopwareAir Suite in February 2009 with an additional package to complement its CRS: TopFrontier. UK Borders certification was released in March 2010 as an integrated part of the TopFrontier module. At the moment other countries, Italy included, are developing their own regulations regarding entry to their national territories, following the examples of the USA and the UK, making TopFrontier an important addition to any airlines software suite.

Through these significant improvements, passengers booking on the websites of Maxxcom’s clients will have the certainty of being in possession of the minimum requirements for admission into the USA and UK, without the risk of being deported or having their entry denied.

The required data is recovered from information entered during the reservation process and is automatically dispatched according to rule 72 h before departure for USA travellers and rule 42 for UK travellers.

Recovery of the main mandatory data for all the passengers and crew:
  • Name
  • Date and Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Fax and telephone number
  • Residential Address
  • USA-UK address
  • Country of Residence
  • ID Documents
  • Type of Job (only for crew members)

TopFrontier has the facility to manage and collect other data during the booking process depending on the carrier’s needs and the statutory regulations in force at the time of departure.

New Security Rules