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Close to your needs


Close to your needs

TopConsulting is a service offered by Maxxcom which is available to start-up, low cost or traditional airlines, for the optimization or the migration of their systems and their business towards the most up to date business and information technologies and to facilitate commercial decisions leading to an increase in revenue and to an improvement in their position within the global market place.

TopConsulting’s goal is to realise potential revenue, by using leading edge technologies to facilitate positive commercial management for the carrier, aimed at improving their cost effectiveness and process efficiency in terms of business and data management, thereby ensuring a consistent revenue flow. This is achieved using our powerful and flexible IT solutions and by carrying out a focused study on the needs of the market the airline intends to corner.

A panel of our experts in cutting edge civil aviation and tourism technologies will be at the airline’s disposal, consulting with the carrier in order to achieve the organisations goals and project planning the migration of the system and the inventoryto minimizerisks and losses. A group of financial and commercial experts take care of studying the optimal solutions and planning strategies for the launch of the new airline or for the existing airlines migration from a different CRS.

TopCONSULTING is composed of different modules

Planning and scheduling

This consists of the initial consultancy phase of the project when our consultants plan how best the systems may be migrated for an existing carrier or implemented in the set-up of a new airline; we offer our expertise to complete a full project planning and scheduling service covering all aspects of the installation. Starting at the beginning of the project and following through until the projects full implementation and final release, our consultants will be there to support you every step of the way. Maxxcom does not leave out any aspect which may be needed in today’s increasingly competitive market place: risk evaluation, business plan, accounting plans, market positioning, initial investment, marketing, feasibility study and competitor evaluation, are all fully covered by our consultants in the initial analysis phase.

Commercial solutions and web design

This consists of the study and implementation of the airlines commercial plan and the finalisation of their website design, which are the fundamental instruments for the launch of a carrier.The carriers’ web presence will be fully personalised in terms of branding, user experience, language, system integration and business logic. Experts in web marketing and web design guideour customers towardschoosing the best solutions in order to optimizetheir sales and revenue achieved on the different sales channels, either online or through traditional solutions (B2B-B2C). The commercial choices and the graphic design will be agreed upon while taking into considerationthe carriers needs and following a careful evaluation of the carrier’s financial plan. The aim is to minimize costs and maximize your revenue. TopConsulting is supported by our powerful revenue accounting system: TopREVENUE. The system facilitates generation of reports and data useful for forecasting sales revenue through analysis of current trends and comparisons made on the basis of sales data from previous years.

Integration/Migration of the system

TopwareAir Suite is a flexible and highly customizable system, which may be, without any risk or loss for the carrier, integrated with an already existing website and at the same time permitting the migration and recovery of the data from the existing inventory, without the need to close the sales. Before the release date, the system will be tested throughout in order to avoid blocks or service suspensions during the migration and release process.

Training & Helpdesk

The training, also a san e-learning solution, is a fundamental part of TopConsulting, covering each and every aspect on the use of the system; a sector-based training in consideration of the management requirements of the users. Diversified training for the administration, the operational and front office/call center departments will be supplied in start-up phase and when updates or new release are put in place. The helpdesk service is always active, during the whole years with a guaranteed around the clock assistance. The efficency and the quality of our assistance service are our guarantee for the full satisfaction of the carrier’s needs.

Customization of the system and special requests

TopCondulting is a complete module assisting the carrier from the start-up on, through highly qualified staff and a state of the art technology in order to constantly improve and enhance the revenue and the commercial choices of the airline.

Technology constantly changes and improves. Maxxcom is always up to date with those improvements in order to offer to our customers always new and competitive IT solutions, thus becoming the ideal partner for the growth and the enhancement of your airline.

Let’s plan together the best business startegy