TopwareAir Suite 2

Financial services for airlines & travel agent business.


Financial services for airlines & travel agent business.

TopBSP is composed of two integrated parts: Agency and Billing, this module of the software is used to manage the accounting services between the airlines and their Sales Agents.

This comprehensive software module is able to keep an updated and real time control of all financial operations in order to support and improve every commercial and economic strategy, allowing our customers to respond rapidly and effectively in an ever-changing business environment.

The solution facilitates direct reporting on all sales and is fully compliant with IATA standards.

TopAgencies functions:

The Software allows input, modification and cancellation of the system’s internal and external users, giving the airline full control and complete security within the system. Management of every commission type is facilitated, both manual and automatic. This module also allows the direct import of BSP Hot Files according to IATA standards. It is important to note that the system is highly customizable depending on the carrier’s and Sales Agents’ needs.

Management of agencies and users with permission levels:
  • Setting of carrier fees by national/international segments, with national/international taxes as applicable, commissionable/not commissionable etc.
  • Setting of bank account data: Bank name, account data, credit line settings, control of the used credit line amount, account statement frequency etc.
  • Input of a new agency (personal and accounting data: contacts, bank account data and users)
  • Setting of Travel agency fees per passenger/segment
  • Input of a new user (personal data, contacts and login credentials)
  • Modification of an agency (personal and accounting data)
  • Modification of a user (personal data, contacts and login credentials)
  • Management of the operator typology
  • Management of the authorizations for the web site use
  • Activation/deactivation of agencies/users
  • Option to set the same credit line amount for all agencies
Agency research:
  • By business name
  • By denomination
  • By operator type
  • By nation, region, province, city
  • Status: active, suspended, cancelled
Printing of agency data:
  • By nation, region province, city
  • By operator type
  • Status: active, suspended, cancelled
Exportation of agency data:
  • By nation, region, province, city
  • Operator type
  • Status: active, suspended, cancelled
  • GSA management
Management of BSP Hot files (IATA standard) Management of ADM and ACM through the web browser for both airline operators and sales Agents.


A simple and intuitive system which facilitates financial control of all sales.

  • Issuing of account statements
  • Issuing of commission invoices
  • Detailed invoices containing all accrued commission data
  • Standing order payment generation
  • CBI file generation
  • Viewing, printing and export of all accounting data by travel agency and by date of issue: invoices and account statements
  • PDF option for accounting documents
  • Guided procedures for execution of the most complex activities involved when issuing an accounting document
  • Preview of the next account statement yet to be issued
  • Option to view the account statement through the website
  • Account statement and invoices sent by e-mail to travel agencies containing
  • Automatic or manual production of account statement
  • Settings to issue the account statements for all agencies or only for selected ones
  • Option to adjust already existing account statements
  • Travel agencies accounting files: verification of travel agency’s status (credit or debit)
  • Importation of the unsolved amounts
  • Logs: historical archive of accounting files
  • Calculation of the proceeds by payment type
  • Calculation of the commissions by payment type
  • Calculation of the agency fees by payment type, by route, by agency, by sales.

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