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Fare copetition suite: KNOW HOW.

The features allows to know, in real time, online deal of your competitors by modifying automatically the fares of own e-commerce or booking system thanks to sophisticated commercial policies. Possible verticalization not only for airlines, but rentals, large retailers and e-commerce web sites.

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Mobile booking engine

Framework di sviluppo di applicazioni mobile sui maggiori sistemi operativi presenti sul mercato (iOS, Symbian, Android, Win7, RIM). Vantaggi competitivi: usabilità ottimizzata, alto tasso di conversione, interfacciabilità con gestionali e sistemi di terze parti.

Main Case History: booking e check-in online di Wind Jet e Meridiana, We-Sport (web community).

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CMS: the power to edit anytime contents and images of your website

CMS is a computer program allowing to publish, edit and modify both dynamic and static contents and images on a web site without asking for the help of the provider of the same web site. Such systems of content and image management provides procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual steps or an automated cascade.

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